​​​​​​​​​Sommerlad Chicken

"This is a magnificent chicken. I come from the Bresse region in France and it is like our Poulet de Bresse.​ From the minute I took it out of the packet I knew the smell was like home. After a few minutes of cooking we knew we had something special."

Jacques Reymond


"The flavour of a Sommerlad chicken is something very special, it’s the combination of the heritage breeds that makes this chicken stand out. The free range environment and the naturally slower growing birds also helps to develop their full flavour."

Peter Gilmore

Executive Chef, Quay Restaurant, Sydney​​

"'Chicken' has been ruined for us thanks to the Sommerlads. While we’ve never gone out of our way to eat it, cook it at home and have never before served it in the restaurant, we will never again touch it unless it’s a Sommerlad bird, for moral reasons, for the incomparable flavour and the ridiculously crispy skin. If you catch us at the right moment you’ll even witness us dressing our salads with the rendered fat too! "

Travis and Arabella

The Barrel Room, Ballandean, Qld

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Australia's own award-winning premium chicken

Sommerlad Poultry were awarded "Outstanding Innovation" at the 2015 Delicious Produce Awards​​​

​Sommerlad Authorised Farmers, Bruce and Roz of Milking Yard Farm won "From the Paddock" at the 2015 and 2016 delicious. Produce Awards and "Champion Australian Poultry" at the 2016 Australian Food Awards

If you are seeking a truly differentiated table bird, reminiscent of the quality of 'Poulet de Bresse' of France, Sommerlad chicken is the perfect choice.

The Australian heritage genetics are exclusive to Sommerlad Poultry, and result in slower growth and active foraging ability. Combined with traditional free range pasture rearing, and whole grain feeding, Sommerlad chicken is unlike any other available in this country.

Sommerlad chickens are selected for the table between 10 and 14 weeks of age, (where as standard supermarket chicken is processed at 5 weeks of age). Their naturally slow growth rate allows their organs, muscles and bones to grow in harmony, and their longer outdoor life allows them time to develop intramuscular fat, and nutrient dense meat, with outstanding texture and flavour. Read more about their culinary qualities.