​​​​​​​​​Sommerlad Chicken

Independent Farmers


Australia's widespread adoption of imported high-performance broiler genetics went hand-in-hand with the decline (or almost extinction) of its independent meat chicken breeders.

Sommerlad chicken farmers carefully manage their heritage breeding flocks to produce their own slower growing meat chicks. They do this using traditional small-scale poultry breeding practices, and like all artisans, these traditional practices come at a price, making their production costs considerably higher compared to farmers who 'buy-in' meat chicks produced by the intensive industry. You can read more about the intensive industry's production of meat chicks here.

Sommerlad chicken farmers are quiet revolutionaries - serving an important role as keepers of traditional knowledge and genetic diversity in the Australian chicken meat industry. When you purchase on of their award-winning table birds you are supporting them in this role. Thank you.