The Sommerlad Chicken Farmers' Pledge

A summary of the core production protocols.

Every processed chicken that is promoted and sold as a Sommerlad chicken will be:

1. Sommerlad heritage chicken stock developed by Sommerlad Poultry Pty. Ltd.

2. Hand raised in very small flocks on the Sommerlad Chicken Farmer's property, as an integral part of a sustainable and regenerative whole-farm plan; portable shelters are moved across the farm to ensure chickens have access to fresh, healthy forage areas, and the chickens continually improve the land by returning nutrients and aeration to the soil. 

3. Provided with a safe and comfortable shelter to cluster in at night, and during extreme weather conditions, with enough floor space for 10 chickens per square metre at processing age.

4. As well as foraging through the paddock, chickens are also given 'free choice' access to non-GM whole grains and poultry feed that meets their nutritional requirements.

5. Given no antibiotics or growth promotants.

6. Selected for processing between 10 and 16 weeks of age.

7. Produced in accordance with all relevant regulations set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

Sommerlad Farmers' Pledge